Women in Nazi Germany

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The women in Nazi Germany had a very specific role set up for them. The specifications of their job consisted of revolving around their house duties, their husbands and their children. Most of the income in the family would come from the husband, while back at home, the women would tidy up and keep everything in place. The encouragement of marrying at a young age, and getting a proper family dates back to 1933, from when Hitler first rose to power, and the Law for the Encouragement of Marriage was introduced. This law specified that all newly married couples would get a government loan of 1000 marks which was about 9 months average income. This loan was not to be simply paid back. The birth of one child meant that 25% of the loan did not…show more content…
The medals varied from bronze to gold, eligible mothers who have raised eight or more children have been awarded with gold. This sort of recognition would praise the women of Germany and would celebrate all of their accomplishments which they were destined to do. In 1933, Magda Gobbles declared: "German women were excluded from three professions: the army, as elsewhere in the world; the government; and the judiciary. If a German girl must choose between marriage or a career, she will always be encouraged to marry, because that is what is best for a woman”. Even if nazi ideology has worked smoothly in Germany, this would restrict the women in various ways, preventing them from becoming who they desire to be. As to many restrictions profession wise, the women in Germany were also prohibited of many other items, such as the use of make up. In 1933, meetings of NSBO (National Sozialistischer Betriebs Obman, the women's section of the German Workers' Front) proclaimed that women who were “painted and powdered were forbidden at all meetings of the NSBO. Women who smoked in public – in hotels, cafés, in the street and so on – will be excluded from NSBO”. Sexuality was banned unless it was for reproductive
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