Women in Psychology Psy 310 Essay

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Women In Psychology by Phoenix University PSY 310 Aril 28, 2012 1 Inez Beverly Prosser, Psychologist Inez Beverly Posser (1895-1934) was America’s first Black female psychologist. http://www.apa.org/monitor/2008/11/prosser.aspx . Not only is this significant in itself, it is also the adversity she overcame growing up to get there. And later, in the profound research in her dissertation that caused controversy as well as groundbreaking discoveries regarding education and integration vs. segregation as it relates to psychology. Inez was born into a family with 10 other siblings where she…show more content…
Why did Inez’s research and conclusion cause such controversy? There are many 3 different views that can be drawn on the research and conclusions. First, since Inez was African American herself, this may have conflicted within her African American community. Why? Since African Americans have been struggling for equal rights and equality in education, this would seem to go against what her own race has been struggling to achieve. On the surface it would appear that way. However, her research was from a psychological perspective that had not yet been considered or researched. Ironically, her conclusions in her study in her dissertation could also be useful as the topic of desegregation that did not come along until decades after her study. The question that was answered even before its time, is how desegregation would effect the students themselves. Would this have a positive or negative effect on their education? If equality was to be reached in the public school system wouldn’t this have to also mean that the African American students would also fare better than in integrated schools? What’s the use in achieving desegregation if it is going to have such a negative impact on the African American students? If you will notice, the word “integrated” is used in place of “desegregation” in her study since desegregation had not yet even been addressed! As you can imagine, many different views, arguments, and psychological

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