Women in Spike Lee's Bamboozled

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Our team chose to focus on representations of women in Spike Lee's latest joint, "Bamboozled". This theme was attractive to us because we felt the filmmaker had a powerful message to send his audience after viewing the trailer in class. Despite the fact that there is only one woman in a starring role, a multitude of specific and acute ideas are presented by Spike Lee through the film. We were also eager to take advantage of the opportunity to apply what we have learned in class to the thought-provoking and controversial nature of his work. When reflecting upon representations of women, we felt that a continuous motif of women as puppets is present. The lead female character, Sloan Hopkins, is played by Jada Pinkett Smith.…show more content…
She feels the need to prove herself to Manray and other characters by explaining her ascent to the top, an internship. This is further illustration of the idea that women have to use their sexuality to get somewhere in life, despite intelligence or determination. If a woman does use her sexuality for personally beneficial reasons she must either defend or hide it. We feel the portrayal of women in "Bamboozled" says a lot about the way they are represented not only in the media, but in capitalistic society. Women are underrepresented in the media, like this film, and the few depictions are generally negative. They are the slut, "yes" woman, or sexual object. There are infrequent representations of women in positions of authority or in assertive roles. We wonder if it's possible for females to overcome these stereotypes in actual society when they are constantly tied down by the strings of their puppeteers. But the question remains, who are the
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