Women in Technology and the Meritocracy Myth

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Women in Technology and the Meritocracy Myth Although many women make a career in the technology industry, it is shown that there is a low percentage of women in the technology industry due to the meritocracy myth.The meaning of the word meritocracy [mer-i-tok-ruh-see] is "government or the holding of power by people selected according to merit" (Oxford Dictionaries). The technology industry can be considered as a virtual world with many different career areas one can pursue with the right set of skills and knowledge. The meritocracy myth can be thought of paper going through a shredder as what was on the paper does not matter because all of the little shreds are viewed the same. In most cases women are often victims of sexism because they feel as if they must work harder than men do, they receive lower pay, and have stereotypes based on their gender. Sexism is shown in the technology industry by how most women do not get paid equally as their male co-workers, if anything they get lower salaries “According to an annual salary survey of about 4,000 gaming professionals by Game Developer magazine, female animators made $26,000 less than their male counterparts in 2001" (Tasneem Raja). The different treatment women get by the low salaries they make compared to their male co-workers is sexist to them, sexism is described as "prejudice or discrimination based on sex, or the unfair treatment of people because of their sex" (Merriam-Webster). Women in technology often feel as
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