Women in The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven by Sherman Alexie

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Women in The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven by Sherman Alexie A warrior is recognized as sonmeone who battles for his/her beliefs. Even after receiving mortal wounds many times, such a person never leaves the battlefield. However, the inspiring and metaphorical idea of a warrior can certainly extend beyond the actual battlefield, and into the universal battle of living life. A woman must face this world like a warrior. She must endure the pain of a past that oppressed her, the adversity of a present that is only beginning to understand her, and a future that will continuously test her. From the beginning of time, Native American women have been a driving force in their cultures, retaining their immense strength throughout…show more content…
Despite the fact that he has left her in poverty to care for their son, her care for him is unyielding and willing to withstand the pain he brought onto her. 'And even though my mother didn't want to be married to him anymore and his wreck didn't change her mind about that, she still came to see him every day. She sang Indian tunes under her breath?he tapped his fingers in rhythm.'; (p. 33) Victor's mother faces depression and alcohol addiction herself, yet even in the midst of these faults, like many other women on the reservation, she painstakingly maintains the strength to try keeping her family together or at least show them her love. Like the mother in another one of Alexie's stories who sings to her child; ' 'I'm singing an its-a-good-day song.' She smiles and I have to smile with her.';(p. 144) This small act of making a child smile can be seen as part of the fight because it serves as an example to their families to continue in the battle of depression in the name of love, fighting off the surrender to desensitized detachment from the family. Even if the example isn't always followed, as in the case of Victor's fleeing father, it is certainly a noble endeavor. A warrior who fights bravely and loses a battle can still be a hero, as we have seen in the women's efforts to hold their families together. Alexie's women characters also extend their steadfast compassion towards their wounded community. Like the medicine women of
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