Essay about Women in The Workplace

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Women in The Workplace

Gender plays a huge role in workplace 'success' and can be a big challenge especially if the employee is a woman in a male dominated workplace or career. No matter how 'hard-nosed,' 'ruthless,' 'workaholic' a woman may be, or how much personal success she achieves, there will always tend to be some type of obstacle to keep her from getting completely to the top of the corporate ladder. She must also still fight stereotypes that undermines her confidence or limits her potential. Since the early 20th century, women and minorities have sought equal opportunities in education and in the labor force with little success. These obstacles or barriers are all known as the glass ceiling.

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Every industry has its own version of an apprenticeship and the simple way to determine the boundary of apprenticeship is to find where in a particular company or organization, the line is that must be crossed before an individual is ?in the pack? to be considered for management or leadership.

According to the ?Sorcerer?s Apprentice to Through the Looking Glass,? women in every industry and profession report that sexual harassment is most common during apprenticeship. Sexual harassment is frequently defended as being just part of the normal hazing that is meted out to apprentices. It is one of the most important mechanisms that implement the glass ceiling at the level of apprenticeship. Although it may sound trivial to say that sexual harassment has a dramatically greater effect on women than men, it is important to understand that its use may be the difference in how well women perform during apprenticeship, and even whether they complete the apprenticeship at all.

One effective effort that an organization can make to eliminate the glass ceiling would be for an organization to delineate its own apprenticeship, and pay particular attention to the fact that the apprentices are almost certainly underreporting the problem of sexual harassment. This does not men that sexual

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