Women in Violent Relationships

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Throughout the years, there have been immense efforts to expand knowledge about the experiences women have endured in violent relationships. The emergence of internal, external risk factors, correlates, and causes of intimate partner violence has increased rapidly in recent decades. Although there has been a rise in many supportive groups, there are still various barriers that exist and prohibit women from seeking help to detach themselves from a violent relationship. In reading Roz story, I have learned of the many barriers to understand, “why couldn’t she just leave?” Although this question may have no straight answer and may even have hindered implications, I feel that patriarchy plays a role in this intimate partner violence. The…show more content…
She felt if she could change herself, love him more, be more understanding or just try harder maybe things would be much better. She would feel a sense of guilt if she would leave the children. The children grew to love her, and Brian’s behavior was not only affecting her but the children as well. She felt she needed to protect them from his violent way. Deep in her heart she felt that there would be one day when he could change, because she could see the good in him. Brian would use his charm on her, profess his immense love for her and she would again forgive him and stay in the relationship. It is obvious that Roz was brainwashed in believing Brian loved her in spite of his controlling and violent ways. Brian seemed to have total control of Roz. Brian seemed to have his own personal issues with dealing with the loss of his wife, taking care of four children by himself, and although the book does not reveal any other issues, it’s quite evident that he had trust issues and insecurities of his own. His behaviors indicate that his violent ways is his way of being in power and control. He would use his grieving as an excuse for his behavior. His non violent actions were just as repetitive, his continued absence at home, no concern for his children, promiscuous behavior, his insensitivity to her needs in her time of illness and his accusations of mistrust were just as heartbreaking for Roz. The series of
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