Women in World War II

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Women in World War II Women were important during World War II because of all of the different jobs they did. During World War II women lost loved ones including their husbands, boyfriends, and their sons (Reynoldson 5). They might have also lost their fathers in the war. They could have even lost their mothers. What are some of the roles women do in World War II? During World War II there were many shortages (Reynoldson 13). The women had all kinds of opportunities. They could work outsides of the farms. The women had a choice where they wanted to work (Reynoldson 5-7). Women made most of the food for the men in the army that they were fighting (Reynoldson 5). The government was pleading for the women to join the army (Reynoldson 5-7). The government wanted women to join the army so they could help on the fields by being nurses (Reyoldson 8). Women would evacuate from their homes, (Reyoldson 8-9) because they were scared. They did not want to get bombed. They would also run from where the soldiers were fighting. They would run because they did not want their children to get killed by the soldiers getting shot by the men in the army. That is why the women would evacuate from where they were fighting. The countries were being threatened because they were being threatening to be bombed (Reyoldson 8-9). So the women in all countries had to evacuate because of the bombing. Many women evacuated from northeast of France. Germany was exhausted and defeated at
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