Women in a Male Dominated Society and the Example of Eve and Medea

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In literature, two prominent stories involving women stand out and these are the stories of Eve and Medea. Both of these women went through a conflict within their society where they were judged by their peers. Their judgments were in a situation where they were ruled by a masculine overtone. Throughout history, women have always been viewed differently than men. In today’s society, there are examples in films and in the way women are represented within the workplace. To illustrate this point, the documentation in literature and relations to modern society will lend proof. Even though within literature and today's society women are often viewed as inferior to men, women can fight back against the prejudices facing them. Women can fight back against the prejudices facing them because like Eve, women can show their strength. In The Old Testament: Genesis, Eve was tempted by the devil disguised as a snake to eat of an apple she should not have touched. She also was tempted into getting Adam to eat of this forbidden fruit as well. She showed strength of character because it would have been easy for her to just say no. Her strength comes from the fact that she was not afraid to want something forbidden. Eve was a strong woman and the first of her kind to…
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