Women in the 20th Century

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The 1960’s was a time period in the United States history that saw an abundance of change for the American people. One of the many changes was the “sexual revolution”, which mainly focused on women. Not only did it focus on the sexual liberation of women, but also the attitude towards women in corporate America. The sexual revolution was a major turning point on how women were perceived in public, media, and politics. Throughout the 20th century women had become a political presence. They fought for the civil right of African Americans and were finally being heard as an organized group. Then women finally started to fight for their own right to vote, and in 1920 it was granted with the 19th amendment. After women were allowed to vote, and finally got to in the election of 1922, an abundance of women saw themselves as political equals to men. As a result of this many women started to pursue more professional freedoms, and started to engage in more masculine activities in view of the public eye. Women started to drink in public, which at the time was illegal due to prohibition. Fashion became more proactive for that time, skirts became higher, and hair was cut shorter as to blend in with their male counterparts. Women started to smoke as well, and wanted to obtain more sexual freedom, and to destroy the double standard of men being able to take multiple lovers, which was seen as healthy, but when a woman engaged in this activity was immoral and evil. With this fight for
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