Women in the Criminal Justice System

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In the minds of many individuals around the country, and around the world, the mention of the Criminal Justice field brings to mind the image of strong male law enforcement officials employed to both protect their respective communities and keep a sea of male criminals under the watchful eye of the law. It may, then, surprise many individuals with this belief to learn that women make up an estimated 11.9% of all sworn law enforcement positions within the United States, with increased interest in the field for females continually increasing (Bloom and Covington, 2003, p.1). Despite this presence within the field, nearly 70% of all Criminal Justice related departments throughout the country do not have any women in top positions. As one can see, women have been able to create a niche for themselves within the Criminal Justice field, but they still have a long way to go. In addition to women working within the Criminal Justice system, the United Sates has seen a dramatic increase of women being supervised under the system, with over one million women currently incarcerated in prisons or jails, on probation, or on parole in the country a number that rose from 600,000 in early 1990 (Bloom and Covington, 2003, p.2). In viewing these statistics, it becomes clear to see that while women may be in the majority when…
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