Women in the Great Depression Essay

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The Great Depression can be a tough subject for most people, but still inspiring to others. The Great Depression was a very difficult time for America as well as women. The women of the Great Depression struggled through many trials, as did many others in the United States, but they were able to get through it all. The women of the Great Depression worked their hardest to stay true to themselves, and their family, as well as, to keep a job, a stable household, and for some, a strong marriage.
Women primarily worked as teachers, nurses, and telephone workers, but when the Great Depression hit, women began to be fired from their jobs. Plus many men disagreed with women working during the Depression, especially if they were married to working spouse. Women who still had a job were often criticized for taking all the jobs away from the men who didn’t have a job; when in all actuality these women were working as nurses, salon managers, dental hygienists, and occupational therapists. Many states in the U.S. fired women who had a spouse working for the government, but as for many females who didn't have a spouse working in the government, were left with nothing. As a result an estimate of 140,000 women soon became homeless and 4 million were unemployed. Some homeless women in New York had the opportunity to live in a women's shelter as stated in an article written by Elaine S. Abelson saying, "...the number of "female beds" occupied in the women's division of the Municipal Lodging…