Women in the Military Essay

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Should women be allowed in the military? My answer was at first a resounding “no.” However, once I started my research, my opinion changed. In 1948, Congress passed the combat exclusion law that prohibited women in the Air Force, Marines, and Navy to hold combat positions; however, the Army can assign these duties as they see fit (Schroeder). Some people assume that Americans are not ready to see a woman wounded or killed in war; however, there are female police officers that are wounded or killed daily (Schroeder). How can we rationalize that a woman has the right to die protecting our local communities but not our country? If a person chooses to be in a combat field, and can pass the physical demands required, gender should not be an…show more content…
The Army should consider revising the physical fitness standards for women, which would discontinue the argument that women have easier fitness standards than men (Wojack). Lieutenant Michael J. Frevola, an attorney in the U.S. Naval Reserves, believes that if physical requirements are equal then “the strongest and largest women will be stronger and larger than the smallest men eligible for combat duty” (Skaine).

Cohesion is another argument against allowing women in combat jobs within the military. This, simply put, states that even if a woman is physically able to do the job, her presence would create friction by creating a need to protect, sexual attraction, and leader-follower conflict (Hooker). Some argue that by allowing women in combat, it will be a man’s natural instinct to protect them in times of hostility. These actions, of allowing women in conflict, will not only put the female soldiers in danger but all of the soldiers within their unit in danger as well. The argument of sexual attraction and leader-follower conflict could possibly go hand in hand. One could argue that in times of combat, how would an officer send his beloved soldier into danger (Owens)?

The argument that a man will protect a woman is a valid one. However, a unit of men that have become like brothers would have the same need to protect one of its own. An
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