Women in the Olympics Essay

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The adverse topic of women in sports stems from society's disregard to viewing women as persons. Women were, and in other parts of the world continue to be viewed as property of men and have no significant role in society. Being allowed into the Olympics was a step in the right direction for women across the world, but it was meager attempt equality. Women were still restricted by what events they were allowed to compete in, how they were trained and coached and even limited as to what they could wear. A woman’s femininity played a large role in the way they were perceived by society; weak. Women were seen as incommensurate to men and it was something that has taken us centuries to reverse. Today, women are given the rights we should have …show more content…
How can a little girl grow up to a role model that is never given the attention she deserves? The fact of the matter is that men and women are different. We are different in a lot of ways. We come in all sizes, shapes, and forms but in the end we are all human. The saddest part is that not only is society standing by and watching while it all unfolds, but it’s being condoned. We have real contributions to make to society. We are encouraging more and more women to participate but what for? To be compared to the boys, not be treated equality, suffer from lack of funding, or to not see your proud moment on TV because of your gender. And that’s why I’m here to show that being in the Olympics as women has changed for the better over the last century, but it still has a ways to go to achieve equality with men. As women, we’ve come a long way in pushing past society’s judgements, or so I thought. Within the Olympic Games, women are still not seen as equals with our male competitors but rather criticized on body image rather than talent and dedication. In the past, women were seen strictly as a reproductive purpose in life, and although now we are seen as much more, our bodies still seem to hold the most priority over everything else we have to offer. Even in things like when a woman can lift twice the weight of her own body over her head, or break world records in swimming at the budding age of seventeen we seem to be
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