Women in the Paleolithic Period

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Reese Working
History 1110

Women in the Paleolithic Period The Paleolithic era in our worlds history was a difficult time for everyone, but for women, it became more and more difficult. Hunting and gathering society’s were most prevalent, although, later on the early formation of cities and larger community’s began to emerge. Ones job in the Paleolithic era would most likely consist of gathering food and protecting the small group he or she belonged to. Just surviving would have been a full time job in many of the harsh climates people inhabited. In the hunting and gathering community’s, social status was equal or close to equal for men and women. The men would be responsible for hunting and collecting meat for their family. Men
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With groups of people growing so large it became more dangerous due to other groups encroaching into their land and vice versa. People formed cities for security on the principle of “safety in numbers.” Living in a city would extremely limit the amount of natural resources available meaning agriculture was the only solution. Agriculture continued to advance with the invention of a plow. Plow work is very physically demanding, men began to take over agriculture. Now that
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