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Executive Summary Women across the globe are shattering glass ceilings one at a time, and it is time the world takes note of it. Chief executives express their commitment to the advancing equality between men and women by actions such as advancing women in the workplace. Areas of such empowerment include: market and community progress through the use of sex, disaggregated data, and other benchmarks (Chakabarti). Times are changing in the makeup of the workforce today. Females are quickly becoming a major factor in the business world. Families are seeing that one salary per household is simply not enough to maintain a comfortable lifestyle. Just a few decades ago, women were left at home raising children and left to depend on a …show more content…
Furthermore, we will provide resources for females and mothers to utilize in order to educate themselves on this ever-growing enduring world-wide topic. The history of women in the workplace is one of strife. Circa 1900, female levels of employment were quite low, and those that were employed did so out of necessity for reasons such as being a minority or an immigrant (Strober). Only twenty percent of these women were married. The need for women in the workforce may have initially been driven by World War II due to the vast majority of men being deployed overseas. Women were called upon to fill commonly viewed “male-occupied” positions, such as ship yard laborers and manufacturing technicians. Upon returning home from the victory of war, female attitude toward paid labor had altered. This trend would prove to continue. Fifty years following the turn of the twentieth century, women became more interested in employment due to economic shifts in the U.S. American families began to desire variety in products and services. This emerging viewpoint spurred the need for additional income. Due to divorce rates increasing in the latter part of this century, females found supplementary reasons to seek employment. The need for long-term security urged women to view paid employment as a sort of insurance if a failed marriage were to occur (Strober). With all this progress, several issues have emerged: unequal pay
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