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Adolescent Psychology Paper
Patrycja Radzik
Dr. Rossilli

I interviewed a girl that lives close to me. She explained her high school story to me, involving friends, family, peers, bullies, and boys. The interview was done as if it were only 2 people talking because I didn’t want her to feel any pressure. She explained what it was like going through puberty by herself, without the help of anyone. How the first two years of high school were and how she disliked it. How after she came back from her summer after sophomore year, she had no problems with anyone and explained how she had a boyfriend for a while. The girl I interviewed relates to plenty of topics that were discussed in the class like, self-esteem, peers,
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She discovered her identity, and embraced it. She then on went about her family. She grew up in a strict family home were her parents were not born in America, but from Poland like myself. She said that they were very strict with what she could and could not do. She had a strict curfew also, she was basically locked up and was not allowed to do things her friends could do. They were using an Authoritarian parenting style (Feldman, 2008). Their relationship with a child is where the parent’s word is law. Authoritarian parents do not engage in discussions with their teen and family rules and standards are not debated. But when she turned 18 they gave her more freedom, she was allowed to stay out later, go to parties, and do pretty much what her friends did. This type of parenting style is known as “Authoritative”, were the parents and somewhat strict, but let the adolescent have a sense of independence (Feldman, 2008).
Authoritative parents engage in discussions and debates with their adolescent, although ultimate responsibility reside with the parent (Kroger, 2004). Research demonstrates that adolescents of authoritative parents learn how to negotiate and engage in discussions. They understand that their opinions are valued. As a result, they are more likely to be socially competent, responsible, and autonomous Authoritarian parents believe the adolescent should accept, without question, the rules and practices that they
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