Women of the American Civil War: South and North Essays

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As most of us know the women of the Civil War were a lot different I believe than the way they show them in movies like “Gone With the Wind.” The movies portray them as helpless, useless, and lazy like all they cared about was themselves. Yes, while some of them had the luxury of having servants to take care of them, and tend to everything they could possibly need, there were some that did not have that. There were different areas of women in the war we had the Southern Confederate Women and we had the Northern Union Women. Regardless the side they were on during this war all they wanted was for their boys to win and come home safe! A “True Women’s” life before the war was to make a clean, comfortable, nurturing home for her…show more content…
("History.Com"). Some of these women even cared for wounded soldiers in their own homes. ("History.Com"). While the southern woman had less money and resources to work with than the northern woman they still tossed themselves in the war with just as much will, with the want to help as the northern woman did. ("History.Com"). Southern slaves were promised freedom by the Civil War, but while their husbands were off fighting they had their work plus their husbands work to tend to, working class white women were required to do the same which means that they had a very busy and hectic schedule always working. ("History.Com"). The Northern Union Women like Southern Confederate Women eagerly volunteered but they had more money and supplies to work with which made helping their troops a ton easier. They organized Ladies’ aid societies to supply the Union troops with any of the necessities they needed such as food, clothes and money. As far as food goes they baked, canned, and planted gardens to supply their boys with food. The clothing they would sew, do their laundry, they would knit, and mend whatever their boys needed to keep them clean and clothed to keep them safe from the elements that they are surrounded by. And as for money, they held fundraisers, campaigns, fairs, performances and this was all to help get those medical supplies and other necessities to take care
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