Women of the Revolution Essay

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Women are frequently overlooked when it comes to history in the 18th centuries. They were there in the flesh for all of the historical events, but they are rarely mentioned. Everyone has heard of the “Founding Fathers”, but students rarely hear about the “Founding Mothers” in their curriculum. Although women did not directly plan out our government, they still deserve to be given some credit for it. The roles that women played during the Revolutionary War greatly influenced the outcome of the war and the country that resulted from it. Women had all kinds of roles to play when it came to the Revolutionary War. Although their roles might not seem as important to the public as the other women involved, women at home is one of the many …show more content…
She was able to inform the public of what was happening during the war. She also influenced most of the Founding Fathers, including George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Patrick Henry, Samuel Adams, and John Hancock, and she spoke for women’s rights. Both Abigail and John Adams were her friends (Pavao). John Adams once wrote to Mercy’s husband saying, “Tell your wife that God Almighty has entrusted her with the Powers for the good of the World, which… he bestows on few of the human race. That instead of being a fault to use them, it would be criminal to neglect them” (Pavao). Without her writing, the public might have never known what exactly was going on during the war. There were quite a few women who had stories to tell about the roles that they played during the war. Many women’s stories involved small acts of rebellion, while others stories were much more exciting. Such women with smaller acts of rebellion are Hannah Israel, who saved her husband’s pride along with his cattle (Hanafore). Sybil Ludington warned soldiers of the oncoming British (Zitek). Patience Wright was an American informant in England (Pavao). Hannah Israel’s husband once declared that he would rather drive his cattle all the way to George Washington’s doorstep than get paid thousands of dollars in British gold for them. When he was taken prisoner, the British commander heard word of his declaration and decided to
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