Women on Corporate Board of Director

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1.0 Introduction
In this decade, we have seen an increase in women 's participation in the board of director. Previously, we can see around the world, every board of director of a single company led by men only. But, over the time, women are slowly absorbed into the board of director and they play a great role as well as a good impact in the improvement of the company. A new study suggested that, putting women on boards of directors is a good way to make companies more profitable and better governed. It is because a woman is more likely to take a collaborative approach to decision-making and reach a broader consensus with buy in from all players. Men, on the other hand, are more likely to use rules, regulations and traditional ways of
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Lack of the occupy women on board not due solely to an absence of knowledge. On the contrary, women have been “over-achieving” in terms of education and qualifications more generally. OECD data (2011) now show that women and girls outperform men and boys at every stage in the education system, including postgraduate education. 2.2 Role Boards of Directors
A board of directors is the most important body in every organization. Every organization has boards of directors consisting of a few people who are eligible to drive the organization to achieve what they want. People who are on the board of directors were among those who are believed by the company 's shareholders. They are usually a volunteer who is trustees of the corporation who represent and responsible to the company’s clients, to the community, to funders, to the government and to taxpayers as a whole. They were given a high confidence entrusted to run the company well based on knowledge and values that they have. Attributes such as trustworthiness, hardworking, confident, able to make decisions with accurate, honest, intelligent, high integrity and others should have in every individual who is a part of the board of directors. On individual attributes like these that can lead an organization to achieve the set goals as well as to enhance the
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