Women on the Edge of Time and Stranger in a Strange Land Essay

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The novel Women on the Edge of Time and Stranger in a Strange Land have some similarities. They both depict how the gender socialization process is bias and a catalyst to gender disparity in the society. Both stories bring to light how men are given privileged as compared to women in the society. Analyzing the two stories and using outside sources I will draw a conclusion on how gender and power ideologies have equality impacted our society.
“Women on the Edge of Time” is a book written by Marge Piercy explaining the position of women in the era 1976 going 150 years backwards. This book is open to any kind of interpretation. The narrative shows us the life of a single parent, Chicano. She is a poor woman who is struggling to provide a
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They excused themselves that they were doing her a favor as they were protecting her from herself.
Her mystery leaves us to ask ourselves whether it was really her who was mad or was it the world she was living in? She was just a woman who was suffering her own fate while every other woman was enjoying the life of being provided for by their husbands. ‘She was a woman on the edge; the periphery, the ultimate other, the bottom edge of society, the edge of sanity’. She was a result of abuse from men and science. She had a child who was a fruit of rape. She lost her fertility to a science experiment. She had only two men who had treated her with dignity; her first husband who was killed in the streets by the police and her other husband who died of hepatitis, Claude. The institution that victimized her was the same that took away her protectors, anyone who cared for her.
Then, there was Luciente who helped her to jump over to another kind of life. Her presence on the edge made it easier for Luciente to contact her. Luciente was the person from the other side of life (future). He was some kind of a hallucination but this did not make it less hopeful. Whether she invented it or not, it was a sign that she had a greater mental state. She had bigger dreams and this contradicted her lack of education and imagination. Piercy skills as a writer give us suspense whether Luciente was a future Connie.
Just as Women on the Edge of Time

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