Women 's Allowance Of Women

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A topic that is becoming more and more prevalent in today 's society is the allowance of women into direct combat roles in our armed forces. Forests densely covered with fog, barren deserts, bomb cratered fields. Those are just a few of the many different types of scenarios encountered by troops in direct combat roles on the modern day battlefield. The warrior in today 's direct combat roles need to be decisive, mentally and emotionally stable, very physically fit, and the ability to be able to take an enemy combatant’s life at any moment. Do any of these descriptions accurately match women in today 's military? To allow or disallow women into combat scenarios? Some argue that women 's allowance to fight in direct combat roles is the same as a man 's allowance. Women can try to prove that they are fit to meet the standards to be allowed into direct combat roles, but if they fail it could the unit or group of other soldiers they are with into danger. Soldiers and civilians both agree, that in certain jobs in the military, women can function at the same level as men. The biggest argument about having women fighting with men on the battlefield is there different physical structure, ability to deal with certain emotional and stress situations, susceptibility to injury, and ability to take someones life. The last statement might appear to be a stereotype, saying that most women would not be capable of supporting the rigorous stresses of war-like situations. I think…

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