Women 's Approval Of Camera Surveillance

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Though the arguing sides of this debate seem stalled at a stalemate, the balance of supporters on either side of the debate are far from even even. Overall, 71% of people support surveillance and 25% oppose. Surprisingly, older citizens are more accepting and supportive of increased surveillance compared to younger new adults who more strongly oppose. Women’s approval of camera surveillance is at 75% while only 66% of men support the increase, dipping downward almost 10%(“Broad Support...”). Relating to the percentages between men, women, old, and young, scientists execute more studies to check percentages based on political parties and even different races. A higher percentage of blacks and hispanics support surveillance than whites in America. Relating to political parties, republicans remain more resistant to increased surveillance. In contrast, democrats support more camera surveillance programs due to their desire for more government involvement in each US citizen’s daily life(“The American Public...”). As being constantly watched raises anxiety in some, fear of being victimized also grows leading to an increasing opposition in government surveillance. Some challengers believe that money spent on buying, installing, and monitoring cameras should be invested in hiring more police and training them to become a stronger force against the evils of the world. Money drains into the steady income of the faces behind the screens of hidden cameras. Who is watching the
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