Women 's Army Auxiliary Corps

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Chloe Williams Ms.Pfaltzgraf
American World Literature
3 May 2015
Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps
It was 1941, before the United States was involved in World War II, Ovata Hobby was asked by General David Searles to organize the Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps. When Hobby first received the offer, she wanted to decline the offer but would ultimately take and develop into a part of history that will never be forgotten (Collins, 4). These great women that served in the Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps (WAAC) that made a monumental impact during and after the war through their patriotism, hard work, and dedication.
After the attack on Pearl Harbor, the War Department began to ponder an idea that they would indeed need women to help win the
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That’s when they decided it was time to make a change. According to Chief Warrant Officer 5, Jennifer Redfern, “I think that the Women’s Army Corps allowed us to slowly demonstrate our abilities… to serve in the armed forces and services as equals” (Collins, 4).
Although the women could only serve as female components, they still had to learn how to adapt to the different tasks that were expected of them during the war. The women of the Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps were filled with positions in many different types of categories. Some jobs of the women were becoming clerks, drivers, mechanics, cooks, radio operators, weather observers, laboratory technicians, aircraft warning reporters, and weapon repairers. (Collins, 7) More than 150,000 women served in the army during World War II. (Permeswaran, 99). In addition to helping persevere democracy, these women overcame conflict, performed brilliantly, And laid the groundwork on which military women’s efforts and achievements still rest today (Permeswaran, 99). The reason women were expected to more higher standard jobs is because in the beginning of the war, the WAAC attracted women who pushed themselves to go past the minimum standard expected. Since these women were willing to go further than what was expected, it created a lot of positive outcomes which is what helped to win the war.
Today, the concept of women being involved in the military does not sound out of the ordinary to people.
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