Women 's Attitudes Towards Women

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Women in China: An Exploration of Women in Chinese Society as told through Wild Swans The Chinese have long been noted for the objectification and discrimination of women in their society. From foot binding, to paying for brides, to the view of women as second-class citizens, the Chinese have maintained a poor relationship in the way they treat women. Wild Swans examines China’s attitudes towards women by demonstrating the different social, political, and moral standards her (Chang’s) mother, grandmother, and herself were held to throughout their various stages of life. The changes that occur throughout the novel are of grand importance of understanding communist China and the way women are viewed today. In the time that Wild Swans takes place (1870-1978) a significant number of changes occur regarding China’s attitudes towards women, as their political system changes, in a way that allows women more freedom, and independence from their male counterparts. The book opens on Jung Chang discussing the chaos her Grandmother’s experienced in stating, “At the age of fifteen my grandmother became the concubine of a warlord general, the police chief of a tenuous national government of China” (Chang 21). She describes these changes in a very objective way in order to relate back to the fact that her grandmother was viewed as more of an object than a person. Chang continues to report back on Chinese values at the time such as the importance of filial piety, which is the
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