Women 's Change Over Time

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Women everywhere have gender expectations and body alterations. We see it walking down the street and their tattoo, piecing, haircut, or body. We see it every day and everywhere. Women have it hard then man in most place. Women have a lot they must go through and it can be tough being a woman. Having to live up to some unrealistic expectation and body alteration that where placed on them that they didn’t even want. Media, status and control effect women into being submissive, have no voice or say so in any matter. To see the expectation and body alteration that female must make to meet these expectation, can sometimes be outrageous, disturbing and downright unjustice. In the united states women expectation of beauty has change over time. Everywhere you turn their women being adversity as Victoria secret model or Barbie. Girls would want to look like this causing them to feel a shamed of their body and have eating disorder like anorexia or bulimia. Women are expected to be a Victoria secret model. Which some or most women can’t accomplish. Most girl want “that” perfect body type – slim, but not skinny; soft, but not fat. However, these goal lead to unhealthy body alteration. Female submissively follow this idea of unrealistic expectations and body alteration because media has unconsciously created them to feel that the advertised body are the right body. The media misrepresent female, youth and beauty. By having women be portrayed as young, beauty, thin, and
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