Women 's Criteria Of Beauty

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Since the dawn of time, humans have been not only willing, but enthusiastic to withstand heinous detriments to uphold and exceed society’s criteria of beauty. From erratic plastic surgery to preposterous and deleterious methods of weight loss, the yearning for beauty has always played a prominent role in the development of culture. This role has only been amplified as time goes on-- in today’s day and age, the desire to attain and maintain a new standard of beauty is inevitable and inescapable. We’ve all heard the phrase, “beauty pays”, and we’ve all felt society’s immense and crushing pressure to transcend pre-existing levels of beauty and attraction, to the point where the allure of achieving certain altitudes of attraction eclipses…show more content…
Speaking of which, parents pay more attention to their better-looking children due to human nature identifying the better-looking children as better genetic material (Yakowicz). In a purely psychological standpoint, the level of attractiveness is paralleled to being the more desirable mate in a cognitive bias phenomenon known as The Halo Effect, in which an individual’s comprehensive impression of a person, impacts the individual’s thoughts and feelings about that entity 's personality or assets. Under this principle, an attractive person is much more likely to be perceived as kind and intelligent upon first glance than someone who is not as attractive. In this particular case, attraction can be contributed to a number of things, such as certain physical traits, as well as the symmetry of the features, and may even be correlated with weight. Not only are the beautifully gifted more prone to the positive personality traits of kindness and intelligence, they are more likely to be considered trustworthy and friendly at first glance. This is shown by the 1972 psychological study involving the students from University of Minnesota, in which thirty males and thirty females were asked to evaluate a photo of an attractive individual, an average looking individual, and an unattractive individual in terms of a twenty-seven different personality
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