Women 's Death And The King 's Horseman And M. Butterfly

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Chelsea Rowland
English 350-A: Modern Drama Final Draft Essay # 2
Monday, April 20, 2015

Women in Death and the King’s Horseman and M. Butterfly How are women represented and portrayed in theatrical plays? In most plays, men and women are frequently assigned stereotyped roles that make women assume passive and meek roles. Every so often, men are given the privileged to take on the role of a strong and powerful character, whereas the women took submissive roles typical of the weaker sex concept. In this essay, the role of women in the plays, Death and the Kings Horseman and M. Butterfly will be taken into consideration how the playwright portrayed the essence of power and strength among the women characters.
Soyinka’s playwright Death and the Kings Horseman represented women in their usual roles. However, the playwright was not incorrect in portraying how women in their traditional character have so much influence to the society. Initially, in the play, the concentration of woman strengths was shown by Iyaloja, the leader of the women in the village, the mother of the market with her words interpreted and admired for their wisdom. When her supposed future daughter in-law was requested by Elisin to be his wife, Iyaloja gave in to his request for the girl and a bed of honour to lie upon, as she replied: “Now we must prepare your bridal chamber. Then these hands will lay your shrouds” (1. 472-473). Being a woman of wisdom, she also cautioned Elesin that should he wish

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