Women 's Discrimination Among Women

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Gender discrimination has been prevalent in the society since many years. Women have been the subjects of this discrimination in almost every sector. One sector where women have been made to feel inferior to men is religion. Almost every religion in the world suppresses and condemns women. As a result, men who have such religious beliefs have not utilized the abilities and talents of women. Thus through my research paper, I will talk about women’s discrimination in seven main traditions of world religion: Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism, Confucianism, Judaism, Christianity and Islam. I will compare these religions in terms of “1) male and female in cosmic order, and good and evil 2) purity and impurity 3) education, teaching, and religious leadership 4) asceticism and monasticism 5) marriage, divorce and widowhood 6) dress, body and segregation” . I will also talk about the way women’s status has been rationalized and how this has generated fundamentalist backlash in these religions.

Amongst the many world religions, Christianity developed one of the stern views on woman, blaming them for the beginning of evil. According to the tradition the designed the western Christianity, souls of men and women were created with equal capabilities of spiritual life, but in the original order of creation, women was created below men. This led to women revolting against this subordination in the primeval garden, leading to the dismissal of humanity from paradise and the beginning of evil…
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