Women 's Education : An International Human Right Without Any Discrimination Based On Sex

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Women`s education is an international human right without any discrimination based on sex or gender. It is necessary for identity social development and a means for a prosperous life. Constantly, the United Nations emphasized women`s education and set goals for its success with gender equality. Empowering women`s education is an essential element in growing societies that seek democracy and economic advancement. For the last decade, Palestinian women education had been the concern for several reasons and a hot debate for many researchers. Palestinian women are known for their patience, determination and resilience in many hard life situations. They endured hardship, death, curfew and imprisonment during their admirable struggle for their rights and freedom. They always thought of education as a survival and liberation means in a conflict region. They suffered displacement and instability and deprivation in their education since the sixties of the last century. Additionally, they face daily obstacles and challenges in their education journey. Ultimately, Palestinian women used their education and powerful personalities to be the forefront in national disasters and complex situations. The target of this study is to investigate the educational access of Palestinian women as they rise above limitations, expectations and extraordinary conditions. I view the phenomena of Palestinian women struggle for fair access to education, justice and quality life admiring and worth
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