Women 's Education Opportunities For Education

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Women’s Education Opportunities in Islamic Countries Opportunities for women to receive an education in Islamic countries have risen. The Taliban and other radical Islamic groups have become slightly more tolerant in the aspect of women’s education. Slowly, women are coming out of hiding, and they are openly seeking education. The schools are rundown and hidden from sight but manage to provide a safe place for education. Due to the opportunities arising, Islamic women are becoming braver and more independent. Education for Islamic women is now a reality that can be achieved in numerous places in the strict Islamic countries. Afghanistan is slowly becoming more accepting of women’s education. The United Nations estimates that in…show more content…
It currently educates about 250 students in the subjects of science, math, geography, and religion. The Taliban knows of the school and sends spies to monitor it, but Fatima, the founder of the school, fearlessly continues to teach her young students. With no windows or doors, the school is overlooked, but what is inside interests many Islamic women and men. The school stands as a symbol of hope for all Islamic women. (Bearak) The fearless founder of the school in Kabul is Fatima. She is a modern-day feminist in the Islamic world. Fatima opened a school for girls and leaves her face uncovered. Both of these acts make her a target for the Taliban. Every day she risks a beating and much more, but she continues to rebel against Islamic law and the Taliban. Fatima, herself, is an educated women who teaches at the school. She threatens her own life to offer girls the opportunity she had. (Bearak) These schools in Afghanistan face many problems. They are rundown and broken, and they lack basic school supplies. The schools cannot afford much because their landlords charge very high rents. These landlords take advantage of the fact that not many places will rent to women, and they charge extremely high rent. The schools have a history of men taking advantage of the women attending the school. The Taliban members and regular Islamic men intimidate and harass the girls on their way to and from school. However, this does not stop the women
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