Women 's Education Opportunities For Education

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Women’s Education Opportunities in Islamic Countries Opportunities for women to receive an education in Islamic countries have risen. The Taliban and other radical Islamic groups have become slightly more tolerant in the aspect of women’s education. Slowly, women are coming out of hiding, and they are openly seeking education. The schools are rundown and hidden from sight but manage to provide a safe place for education. Due to the opportunities arising, Islamic women are becoming braver and more independent. Education for Islamic women is now a reality that can be achieved in numerous places in the strict Islamic countries. Afghanistan is slowly becoming more accepting of women’s education. The United Nations estimates that in Kabul there are approximately 10,000 young girls attending classes. Many schools are being opened in secret, and many women are attending the schools in secret. The Taliban banned women from going to school long ago and this puts every girl attending school in danger, but the Taliban has become more lenient. This radical group continues to watch the schools but not intervene or make trouble. The Taliban is even allowing the educated women to work in health care. The Taliban’s tolerance and the growing numbers of opportunities for education have enabled numerous Islamic women to seek education. (Bearak) Among the growing number of schools for women in Afghanistan, one stands out. The school is located through Kabul’s narrow alleyways in a
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