Women 's Equality And Justice For Women

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Feminism can be described as a doctrine that advocated equal rights for women (Quirk, 2015). Since the end of the 19th century Canadian women have been fighting to redefine their place within society, demanding equality and justice for all women. The Women’s Movement has achieved a formal degree of equality in regards to political, economical and legal means. The Women’s Movement has allowed many of what we today feel as a right come into light and result in what we currently take for granted. January 28 1916 was truly an promising day for Manitoba women, rather, women everywhere in Canada. It is the day two critically important decisions were made that changed women 's lives forever. Manitoba was the first to liberate women and was two years ahead of the federal government. It was the beginning of massive changes throughout Canada that allowed women to take their place as equals in a democratic society (Taylor, 2015, p. 1).

The event had been lead by over 25 years of work and dedication by many brilliant women. It began with small but not minor gatherings of women. Meetings were held throughout the province of Manitoba, debates scheduled, articles written, and the famous “Votes for Men play was held”. A petition containing over 5,000 signatures for women’s suffrage then followed the history making entertainment (Taylor, 2015, p. 1). This essay will primarily focus on a through understanding of what the first wave of feminism entailed, what women held major…

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