Women 's Equality Between Men And Women

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Women in the Workforce
Equality between men and women has been a topic for discussion. Women inequality in the workforce has been a debate for many years. Tons of research has been conducted trying to find out why women get paid less than men in the workforce. The Equal Pay Act was created in 1963 that aimed to abolish wage disparity between genders. However, it can be seen that women are still paid less. Women are paid less than men because of the careers that they choose and their family responsibilities. Women entered the workforce later than men. They were known to be stay at home mothers, while the men were the breadwinners. When men were off at war, women needed to help financially so they entered the workforce. Since mothers were working, their children had to be watched, therefore childcare facilities were made. These existed from the Civil War in 1860 to World War II in 1945. They managed to survive because widows had to work after their husbands had died at war (Mitnick, 2007). More and more women started entering the workforce as years past. “Over the last 93 years women have made great advances toward equality but total equality in pay, executive positions and high earning positions still elude them” (Parcheta, Kaifi, & Khanfar, 2013). The Equal Pay Act was created to narrow the pay gap, however, women are still getting paid less than males. “One out of three women were employed outside the home. Today, about fifty eight percent of women are in paid labor…

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