Women 's Exercise, Weight Training And Nutrition

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Jen Ferrugias Bikini Body work out is a 60 day downloadable work out program which as the name implies is designed to help women get that much vaunted Bikini Body. It is especially suited for women who are willing to make lifestyle changes and it helps them achieve this mostly through diet and exercise. It has been designed in such a way as to make it as easy as possible to follow and it comes with not only detailed explanations but also videos where Jen Feruggia demonstrates the required exercise work outs. Some of these border on cardiovascular training, weight training and nutrition.
The program is roughly divided into four major parts. The first- a series of videos tagged Bikini Body Work out guide features Jen performing the exercises herself and gives tips on how followers can keep motivated and stay the course.
The second part, called the Bikini Body Nutrition Guide contains information on healthy food choices that will assist you in achieving your goal of a bikini body shape. It is also supplemented with a shopping guide providing information that will enable women purchase the right foods for a healthy living. In fact besides this many people have attested to the fact that it was able to help them burn fat all day without stress.
The Bikini Body Supplement Guide makes up the third arm of the bikini Body workout program. It advises and is full of tips on what women should and should not do in order to achieve that bikini body in a short space of time. Since by…
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