Women 's Faced Ridiculous Discrimination

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Stephanie Ortiz
Merri Mattison
Sociology 101 003
November 17, 2014 Throughout history, women have faced ridiculous discrimination. They have tolerated having their rights abolished, having very little independence from their husbands, and being thought to have inferior brains. They had no right to vote; they couldn 't be part of a jury and had no rights to property and they were even being claimed as men 's property. Gender inequality has always been around and men have always been considered stronger, faster, and hard-working while women have always been seen as weak and inferior. Women have been brought up to be mothers and have been forced to practice staying home while taking care of their children. Because of this, women were believed to be nurturers and men were supposed to be aggressive, which gave them dominance. The society in which we live in today has been shaped historically by males. Work environments like police work, politics, etc. consists of men and therefore it is not surprising that our society reflects those biases which exist as a result of this male-domination. Gender inequality is a major issue in today 's society. Children 's economic utility is at its lowest in infancy and early childhood, making them more of a drain on resources. Therefore, gender inequality may be most severe at earlier ages. As stated by Dawn Michelle Baunach, “Children 's value is not conceptualized in terms of inequality but instead as the fertility behavior of
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