Women 's Growing Power Of Women

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From being able to venture into a multitude of fields such as politics, the armed forces and everything in between, women have come a long way from just a short 200 years ago when the sole purpose of a woman’s existence would be restricted to finding a husband, reproducing, and devoting the rest of her life to her family. A woman’s lack of education would be taken advantage of, leading her to be victim to harsh objectification by society. Women have fought to acquire gender equality – and to an extent still are. A breakthrough in the feminist movement was the ratification of the 19th Amendment, granting women the right to vote. Women then started to break free from their dependence on men, and fearlessly explored the world outside of their kitchen window and shared their opinions on various global issues. Women’s growing power had been advertised in many ways, one of them being through commercials. Their long hard struggle deserved recognition and honor, and women were then portrayed with respect. Although this was not too long ago mindsets have changed, and in accordance with them so have advertisements. In the past, women have been extremely reliant on men and it was only in 1891 that women were allowed to separate from their husbands if they wished to. They had been treated like puppets and dolls and were depicted as the inferior gender. Today, many advertisements show women as sex objects in order to sell their products more
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