Women 's Health Care Of Women And Their Contributing Factors

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Assignment 5 Introduction The investment for women’s health will secure high social, health, and economic returns (Stenberg et al., 2014). As a result, there has been a stronger focus on women’s health since 1985 when the Report of the Public Health Service Task Force on Women’s Health Issues was published. Therefore, the published report recognized the urgency to focus on women’s health at the community and individual levels (Lee, 2015). In addition, the shift to focus on women’s health recognized that a woman’s health involves more than her reproduction health and that certain health conditions react differently in women than in men (Lee, 2015). Overall, the purpose of this paper is to explore global issues in women’s health care.…show more content…
Consequently, maternal death is the second largest killer of women during their reproductive ages (Gidlof, 2014). Overall, approximately 300,000 deaths a year is due to maternal deaths (Gidlof, 2014). Furthermore, due to gender-based inequalities and biological factors women tend to be more prone to contract the HIV virus compared to men (Gidlof, 2014). Of course, the lack of sexual education and safe protection items such as condoms will also increase the risk of women contracting the HIV infection. Overall, it is essential that attention is focused on reproduction and sexuality in order, to help improve the overall health of women. In addition, some women unfortunately experience some type of domestic violence in their lifetime, such as physical abuse from a spouse. Consequently, one in four women had been a victim of domestic partner violence in their lifetime and more than 80% of these women had reported significant long-term or short-term health impacts from the acts of violence (Lee, 2015). As a result, women can suffer from a variety of mental health disorders and/or physical disorders. Consequently, the major depressive disorders tend to affect women twice as often compared to how they affect men
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