Women 's High School Athletes

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Women in sports, over the past 100 years, has become a topic of intense interest in society. Men have long argued that women have no right to play in the same arena as men do while on the flip side, women argued that they possess the right to the same physical activities that men enjoy. Women participation in sports, up until that time, had been frowned upon universally. Women were eventually granted the right to play sports in the collegiate setting however there was no equality to the treatment within the athlete’s school and no treatment outside of it either (History 1). Until title IX was passed, women’s collegiate athletics were given no scholarships to award to exceptional high school athletes and those programs were given very little budget to fund their programs (Ibid 1). As a result of these shortcomings, in 1972 only 30,000 participated in athletics as opposed to the 170,000 men who participated in athletics (Ibid 1). Title IX was designed to correct those imbalances within athletics. Since then people have formed their own mixed responses about the success of Title IX, both good and bad. While there are both good and bad beliefs concerning Title IX the overall consensus is that Title IX, by and large, was needed and vastly improved the state of women’s athletics. Not everyone agrees, however, that Title IX has been a success. Carrie Lukas, author of the article, Title IX’s Dark Legacy, state that, “…Title IX, a law passed 40 years ago, has helped so many girls
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