Women 's Impact On American History

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In today’s society, fraternities and sororities have been known to have major impressions on students who attend college. In some cases, Greek organizations and their standings at universities aid in determining ones choice for higher education. For example, some schools are known for sports, others are known for their Black Greek Letter Organizations. When it comes to fraternities and sororities in general, the topic could seem somewhat controversial due to mixed emotions and beliefs. While attending an HBCU (Historically Black College and University) the accusations of Greeks running the yard became vividly true. The topic of research to be discussed is objectification, power and the perception of African Americans affiliated with sororities and fraternities at Historically Black Colleges and Universities.
The country 's verifiably Black Greek letter associations (BGLOs), by and large alluded to as the "Divine Nine," have had fundamental impact in American history. Since each association 's establishing all through the 20th century, Black organizations and sororities have not just given African-Americans with a group to uplift each other, they have additionally made striking commitments to society, especially in the ranges of social liberties, social welfare and governmental issues.

The rundown of trailblazing African-Americans who have hailed from BGLOs compasses the range of American life, going from work pioneer A. Philip Randolph, who was one of the coordinators of
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