Women 's Impact On Women

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From its beginning childbirth had been a thing between women. Childbirth as a social event created an impenetrable support system of women rooted in the common song between those who give birth. Before the medicalization of childbirth, women knew a more autonomous procedure. Why did men decide that childbirth needed them? Almost instinctually, I believe that men saw the power of a united female population and trembled in its wake. The same way that white men trembled in the eye of flourishing black and brown continents and islands and destroyed them for their own enrichment. Throughout my research, it has been interesting to see an inherently feminine space, that never made room for men, being taken over by male intervention; what I will…show more content…
Biological determinism is another dangerous construction affecting women. When we say that a person’s traits are reliant on their genitalia and then prescribe a morality to certain traits, favoring the masculine ones, we create scripts and expectations of performance. Women should be maternal and kind because they have vaginas and uteruses that allow them to give birth. Adding moralizations to these traits others and endangers anyone who is deemed deviant to the ideal model. Therefore, good women are loving and nurturing mothers. An added layer to biological determinism says that because women are weak, by way of their owning uteruses, then they cannot make their own decisions because of their uncontrollable emotions. Women are steeped in gendered stereotypes and find themselves stuck in understanding their bodies juxtaposed to the medical model that is proposed to help them give birth more effectively than they could do on their own, or with the help of other women. II. Medicalization of People of Color (POC) Black folks have known dehumanization as a part of their medicalization. Their bodies were used to create the discourse around race. They were measured and then marked as other or deviant juxtaposed the white, male medical model. In 1695, Race is naturalized through scientific research and becomes hierarchical. Negroids were classified last -- as subhuman. Yet their bodies were used as some of the first studies of the human condition. For example,

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