Women 's Impact On Women

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Luisa Henao
University of Western Ontario
Foundation of Feminist Thought

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Professor Dr. Alison Lee
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Throughout the years, women’s lives have been impacted by different systems of oppression and the objectification that occurs in these systems. Unfortunately, these experiences have impacted women’s lives in many ways, which have not only made history but have produced consequences that women today have to face in their day to day lives. Not only were women used and seen as properties and commodities, but society made some of their experiences to be remembered and carried on by other women throughout history in a negative way. Butler, Goldman, Perkins Gilman and Hartmann explore women in the areas of prostitution, disease, economic status and medical treatment to prove that women are being treated as property in both the role of house wife and prostitute which has a significantly negative impact on a woman’s well-being.
Throughout her essay, Emma Goldman was able to prove that prostitution had a negative impact on a woman’s emotional well-being. Goldman stated that “Prostitution has been, and is, a widespread evil, yet mankind goes on its business, perfectly indifferent to the sufferings and distress of the victims of prostitution” (1910, p.110). She further states that “the girl feels herself a complete outcast, with the doors of home and society closed in her face. Her entire training and tradition is such…

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