Women 's Impact On Young Girls And Adult Women

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Having insecurities and flaws impacts almost anyone and also commonly on young girls and adult women. Many people think that having insecurities is just a phase that every young teen goes through that will eventually turn into confidence, but that isn’t always the case. Many women struggle daily with the way their appearances and even try to seek for approval as a way to boost their confidence. In today’s society, majority of young adults especially women are constantly on social media, looking through photos of women with the perfect body shapes and having the ideal life. But in reality, most of these women do have flaws of their own that is just unknown to the viewers. As a young adult, who has dealt with body image issues, it can also affect our confidence. But there many issues that can cause women and teens to feel insecure and less of themselves. Most people would assume that having insecurities is a natural human thing for most teens to have, but it isn’t always the case. One of the biggest causes that cause many teens face, while feeling dissatisfied with their appearance, is social media. Most teens at an early age will start to struggle with their body image and feeling more concerned than ever whether it 's posting a photo onto Instagram or Facebook, leading to feel conscious about their appearance and proceed into editing their photo before posting or photoshopping. There has been major controversy with photoshopping pictures whether it 's of yourself, or…
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