Women 's Independence And Self Assertion

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Professor S. Patashnik
English 1202 DE
October 4, 2014
Paper #1: Final
Women’s Independence and Self-Assertion
Kate Chopin’ short story, “The Storm” contains lots of symbolism which can help break the storyline down. Although it is a complex story to understand and capture our minds fully, the reader can use the symbolism in the story to assist in recognizing the ways things are. Symbolism can help the reader create a better determination of an aspect of the story because it can portray a deeper meaning of something than it seems. The most significant symbol in the story is the title “The Storm” which contributes to the theme of the short story. The title symbolizes the internal battle and arrival of a storm in Calixta’s life. Another symbol that can help the reader understand Calixta’s nature is the word “white”. Chopin continuously uses this word to indicate Calixta’s pure nature. Last but not least, the atmospheric descriptions allows the reader to distinguish between the social classes of the main characters. All of these symbols contribute to the overall message the readers can take from this short story. The symbols in Chopin’s “The Storm” are defined by women’s independence and self-assertion in her sexuality.
The title “The Storm” has a lot to do with the theme. The “storm” in Chopin’s short story has to do with the climax of the story and the sexual tension that occurs in Calixta’s life. Before Calixta’s sexual desires are fulfilled, Chopin indicates the climax’s
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