Women 's Influence On Female Body Experience

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A report by the New York Times calculated that there are more big companies ran by men named John than there are big companies ran by women in the United States. While women are beginning to take on larger roles in corporations, governments, and society, as a whole, there is still the very large issue of small representation of women in leadership roles. Through discussing Marion Young’s “On Female Body Experience” I intend to argue that when women face a limited range of bodily comportment, it translates to a limited ability to reach our full potential as people. Women feel they cannot take up space and are unlikely to assert themselves in ways that draw attention to ourselves, women are in often objectified and therefore there are…show more content…
Young states that, “woman is thereby both culturally and socially denied the subjectivity, autonomy, and creativity that are definitive of being human, and that in patriarchal society are accorded to men.” (pg. 25)
Men and women often use their bodies in different ways, this is not breaking news. However, the reasons and consequences behind this difference is important. The situations women will often put themselves in will vary greatly from men because of the perceived abilities of our bodies. Most women would not accept a job on a construction site because of a lack of belief of what the female body is capable of. Similarly, women who apply to these types of jobs are often not hired. When lifting objects, or using force to accomplish a task, we “frequently fail to summon the full possibilities of our muscular coordination, position, poise, and bearing.” (pg. 26) This is, in part, because “feminine bodily existence is overlaid with immanence.” (pg. 29) Instead of using her whole body, a woman will “concentrate motion in one part of the body alone, while the rest of the body remains relatively immobile.” (pg. 29) While men often experience the full ability of their bodies, and therefore, can fully accomplish, without issue any task they want, this is not often the case for women.
According to Merleau-Ponty, “the potentials that are opened
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