Women 's Influence On Society

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In the Later Middle Ages in Europe, power was one of the main drives on society. The limited amount of people who had power in society gained it through religious or governmental affiliation. Since the church and the christian faith was the main aspect of, generally, everyone’s lives during that time, those who held religious powers played important roles in society. However, power was not even among the different genders of society. In a male dominated society, women scarcely could have power in society. Women could primary receive power through some type of religious affiliation, but could not hold powers in the government. Nonetheless, they were able to influence society through the little power that they did have. Their power derived from the prestige of being a religious leader. Nonetheless, the little power women had was often questioned by men. Source documents 11-5, 11-6, and 12-5 explore women in society during these times. Although similar in being in the time period of the middle ages, each document also has characteristic differences about women during that time. In her Letter to Gregory XI, Catherine of Siena uses her status as a nun to influence the main political and religious issue of that time. She wrote to Pope Gregory XI urging him to relocate the religious capital from Avignon back to its original location in Rome. Previously, Pope Clement V had relocated the capital to Avignon for secular reason. After the relocation, the succeeding popes
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