Women 's Influence On The Field Of Psychology

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Throughout the early days of psychology, opportunities for women where limited and it was an extremely difficult time for women to become apparent in the field of psychology. Women struggled for equality in the field of psychology and this began with our pioneers, Mary Whiton Calkins, who sat her PhD but was never awarded it, Margaret Washburn, being the first women to be awarded a PhD and Christine Ladd Franklin.
Since these women made their breakthrough there has been more and more women contributing their knowledge to many areas in psychology such as, Anna Freud, who became influenced by her father’s theories and created her own theories in psychoanalysis. Karen Horney who contributed a substantial amount to the personality theory and later became interested in feminine psychology, Melanie Klein and Mary Ainsworth, just to name a few.
These women faced several societal constraints and long held beliefs about the role of women in their era. At that time the societal belief was that women where intellectually inferior to men and responding to this judgement, male psychologists attempted to develop theories about what could happen to women if they did try to enter higher education.
This paper will outline the contribution to the field of psychology that has been made by a female psychologist. This paper will focus on the contributions made by Mary D. Salter Ainsworth within her field of Developmental psychology and her contributions to other theories within the same subject…

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