Women 's Influence On Women And Their Credibility

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Introduction Advertisements in today’s beauty and style magazines typically portray women in a negative manner. It has become rare to open a women’s magazine and see a women featured in an empowering advertisement or one that might boost women’s self-esteem. Instead, we see women portrayed as sexual objects, or the supermom if you will, generally put beneath men. For example, during the mad-man era many advertisements were released portraying women as nothing but good for cooking,cleaning, or ironing clothes. Advertisements such as these not only create a negative image but give young girls a certain impression that if you look like this you’ll be noticed and appreciated for your beauty and body and not for what you stand for or believe…show more content…
( M. Von Gonten & J. Donius, pg 59) . According to John Philip Jones, the reasoning behind this is quite simple, “the effect of each single ad exposure is small” (pg21-250) “meaning if something gets repeated constantly without challenge, our minds seem to regard this as prima facie, evidence that maybe, just maybe, it is true” (Aef.com) Findings and Backlash Back in 2009, Reebok launched an advertisement for tennis shoes that focused in on the model’s buttocks. The slogan, “ Nice booty, great soles.” An example of how advertisers often use sexuality and the “appeal of physical attractiveness to sell products”. Young girls see that, take in the model’s physique and want their own skin, legs, and butt to look exactly the way it does in the picture. ( Fox, 1996) In a survey taken by a popular teenage magazine, “27% of girls believed that media pressured them to have a perfect body” (October, 1999). “A poll was taken in 1996 by the international ad agency, Saatchi and Saatchi,showing that ads made women fear being unattractive or old” (Peacock M, 1998). It has been suggested that media can severely impact a woman 's opinion on her body, which can lead to unhealthy desicions as women and girls try to reach this unrealistic goal for the extremely thin body idealized by the media. Pamela Anderson, a
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