Women 's Influence On Women

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Throughout history until about the last couple century’s women have had not as many rights compared to their male counter parts and this was especially evident in the ancient world. However women had more rights in places for example they had a bigger role in society compared to that of Greek women in ancient Greece. Women were cogs in a patriarchal dominated society woman were very much under their husbands control according to law and the most important role of women was to raise the children and work at the house with the slaves if they could be afforded. Women could not vote in Greek society, they could not own property, and women could not have much communication with males outside their immediate families. In Roman society however…show more content…
It is interesting because of how Augustus the first Emperor of Rome used his daughter to find an heir for the emperorship. Augustus’s daughter Julia had her life controlled by her father for the sole purpose of providing and heir, passing her around men in the empire. Going back to stories about significant figures in mythology for example goddesses seemed to have a important significance in Roman society than Greek. Aphrodite is an example or Venus her Roman aspect both can be attributed to love, lust, and manipulation of men through charm however Venus is praised for being the “mother of Rome” because of her son Aeneas being ancestor of the founder Romulus according to the myth. It is also important to point out how the myths and stories contributed and supported customs within Rome. Women did have more rights within Rome that Greek women did not have but, women were under control of men especially their husbands and fathers. “No doubt Sabines did contribute to the early Roman bloodline, but behind the story must also lie an early custom of the command exchange of women, forced or voluntary.” The stories
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