Women 's Influence On Women

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Women and girls are expected to be caring, gentle, sensitive, compassionate among other qualities. They are also expected to look a certain way and act a certain way, these are social constructs that are implemented on women and young girls. Women are typically expected to have thin bodies, no hair on their bodies other than their eyebrows and head, any other hair is seen as masculine and “unappealing” on women. They are expected to look natural, but wear makeup and to look a certain way. When a women and even more so now younger girls femininity is questioned when they do not fit this picture of how a female should be. Sometimes women are held up to a social ideal of femininity that may be unattainable by the average woman who does not have the resources, or who do not want to take part in these ideals and their femininity can be questioned by others, affecting women mental health. Do these unrealistic expectations of women and girls in american society hurt them more than benefit them, when they are expected to look presentable, have a good job, and take care of their families and homes. These unrealistic expectations are hindering to women and girls, low self esteems, confidence, and feeling as if their voice does not make a difference. Women and young girls face social stigmas that men may never face, yet they are implicated by them to control and maintain their power over women and girls. Femininity now is viewed more in physical ways than it once was. Media shows

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