Women 's Influence On Women

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This whole article alone touches on the fact that women are seen as less than man, but are also comparable to a new family dog, in the sense that they are disposable – if they cannot do the tasks that the husband requires or even work he has the right deemed by not only the women, but also the culture to either: hit, divorce/leave or remarry, just like a family selling, abandoning or hitting a dog for it’s bad behavior. Not only /does/ the ability a woman has to satisfy her husband play a role in their relationship, but also her social role in (rural) Bangladesh. The social dichotomies in Bangladesh afford men positions of power above the women in their households and their communities; this creates an insecurity for women. Focusing on women who suffer from Chronic Maternal Disabilities, who suffer from the humiliation, heath issues and hindrance of their wellbeing. Women who suffer from CMD’s; uterine prolapse, stress incontinence or fistula also suffers from humiliation in their societies not only because of their conditions but with their marital status. Women who suffer from any one of these disabilities are susceptible to harassment from their relatives, neighbors and even children. Women unlike men, are treated this way due to the social norms of Bangladesh which allow the men to be in control of the women’s wellbeing, which enables men to hold a higher power over female’s whole life. “Most women rely on their marital union for economic support…” (Naved’ et al 182.),…

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